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"In the restaurant, whoever runs between the kitchen and the dining room carrying burning dishes signals his presence with an audible "CHAUD DEVANT!" to clear the way." - Le Robert

We are your epicurean partner for your small and large events. With our chefs in the kitchen, your guests will finally have an

Events Gastronomy

At Chaud Devant! we draw our strength from the quality and originality of our gourmet creations. We are a high-end caterer who focuses on taste, flavor and texture. Our know-how, combined with our extensive knowledge of local and seasonal products, enables us to showcase Quebec's local produce and artisans.

tartare de thon

Dining cocktails

Whether it's for a cocktail party, an intimate event or even a barbecue with friends, Chaud Devant! can adapt. We offer a service tailored to your needs, whether in the form of à la carte bites, hot and cold stations, or in hybrid form. Our canapés are designed to be enjoyed in one perfect bite, and our stations are designed to match your concept.

Meet the team

Crafting culinary excellence, one plate at a time: introducing the faces behind the flavors.

  • Jean-François Fournier

    General manager

    Jean-François Fournier is the Swiss Army knife behind Chaud Devant! A true jack-of-all-trades, he acts as sommelier, spokesman, motivator of his troops, cook, waiter-picker and maître d'hôtel. You'll also talk to him about organizing your event. Jean-François leaves no detail to chance!

  • Amine Nasrallah

    Executive chef

    Amine Nasrallah is the executive chef at Chaud Devant! A veritable war machine, he creates original dishes with meticulous precision. His gastronomic knowledge is matched only by his boundless curiosity. A quiet force and a man after his own heart, he is committed to honoring the food he handles.

  • Daria Tchoudakova

    Chief of finance

    Daria Tchoudakova handles numbers like no other! CPA certified, a bon vivant, passionate about gastronomy and a formidable businesswoman, she is the secret weapon of Chaud Devant! The initiator of numerous Montreal start-ups, she is happy to channel her contagious energy to propel Chaud Devant! to new heights!

  • Véronique Gravel

    Véronique Gravel

    Chief of communications

    Véronique Gravel completes the quartet. A fine strategist and notorious gourmand, she manages the Chaud Devant! image. Thanks to her vision, creativity and sense of timing, she orchestrates Chaud Devant! communications in masterful fashion. Her goal? To make our wildest dreams come true.

  • Charlotte Harel-Richard

    Charlotte Harel-Richard

    Project manager

    Sommelier, gastronome, and entrepreneur, Charlotte graduated in sommelier studies from the ITHQ. She has worked in various establishments in the Montreal gastronomic scene, as well as internationally: in France, Italy, Scotland, and Argentina. She then worked for Groupe Toqué as head sommelier. Since 2023, she has been a project manager for Chaud Devant!

  • Louis Forest Nault

    Louis Forest Nault


    Additional information is to come...

  • Mohamed Charroud

    Mohamed Charroud


    Additional information is to come

  • Théophile Concepcion-Gagné

    Théophile Concepcion-Gagné


    Additional information is to come...

About us

Chaud Devant! is the logical continuation of the company founded in 2021 by Jean-François Fournier, Les Soirées du Chef. After a successful first year of delivery services for gourmet menus, Chef & sommelier at home and catering for cocktail parties, the company is growing and launching under the new label Chaud Devant!, co-founded by Jean-François Fournier, Amine Nasrallah, Daria Tchoudakova and Véronique Gravel. The new mission? Offer high-end meals during unique and ephemeral events!

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Chaud Devant Catering Team

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